The most important thing is to chose a location that is meaningful to you. That can be your house, of course, or almost anywhere. We did a shoot at the local car wash once because that is where the family spent every Sunday morning… it was a blast! If you’re not sure what you want we can help figure out the best location for your session. Popular options are one of Sydney’s or the South Coast’s fabulous beaches, a local park or your family home. Feel free to browse this site and see if something catches your eye. Newborn/baby sessions are often best held in your home.


We only use natural light, so the best times are first thing in the morning or late afternoon when the sun is low on the horizon and light is soft and gorgeous. One or two hours after sunrise or before sunset. When working with small children we work to their schedule to get the best photos. We can still get awesome images later in the day too – it depends what works for you. As a guide, midday shoots are very rare and 95% of location shoots are between 7.00am and 9.30am for a morning shoot and 3.30pm to 5pm for an afternoon shoot. For newborn sessions held at home, I can pretty much shoot at any time as long as natural light is plentiful in the space you wish to use.


We will chat about things to bring when you book in for your session and I’ll ring or email you a week before your session to confirm details and chat about clothing and props. It depends very much on the location, the style of shoot you are after and the activities you enjoy as a family.  Think about toys or activities that bring a smile to your child’s face or something that you would like to remember about this time in your lives. It might be a favourite toy truck, beloved snugly bear, a skateboard, ballet shoes, sidewalk chalk if you love to draw together, a guitar if you love to sing together.


Newborn sessions are best for babies less than 2 weeks old. For a warm, sleepy, happy baby, about an hour before I arrive, try this:

  • Turn up the heat or turn off the aircon. We want the temperature of the room to be very warm!
  • Undress baby (you can leave a loose nappy on) and wrap in a blanket; if you do not want your baby in the buff, pop on the outfit you want to start with–plain white onesies are actually perfect. To keep baby happy, it is best to limit it to one or two clothing changes.
  • Feed your baby until he is good and full. We’ll probably need a feeding or two during the session too; so try not to worry about a specific schedule.
  • It is highly likely that we, and the backdrops, will get peed on. It’s okay and it happens ALL the time. My washing machine is very well used! I do not rush a newborn session and I will happily wait for you to feed or take breaks as needed to calm your baby. Playing music or ‘white noise’ at a decent volume works wonders to drown out the clicking camera.