Why should I book a photo shoot with Kisschasey?

A shoot with Kisschasey is a celebration of love and family. It’s a chance to forget the stresses of daily life and revel in the pleasure of simply being with those dearest to you. There just happens to be a photographer there too, capturing you at your best – for keeps.

  • It is an opportunity to be in the moment with your special people for a couple of hours.
  • Our photo shoots are relaxed, fun, and freeing. Don’t expect any stiff, awkward or unnatural poses – you’ll be enjoying yourself too much for that.
  • Our relaxed approach means we can capture fun and natural images of your loved ones {check out our portfolios: family photos gallery; baby and kids photos gallery; wedding photos gallery; newborn photos gallery}
  • Each session is customised to you – no session is ever the same as we believe each family or individual is unique.
  • Kisschasey images are windows back in time, making it so simple to recall those moments of life most dear and important to you
  • You will have a great time and create images you’ll be proud to share with the world
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