Your photos, apart from being amazing photos in their own right, offer me a much needed lifeline when I feel like I’m fighting for survival against a torrent of two year old tantrums and the fury of a four year olds frustrations! I’ll put on the slideshow and I’m instantly reminded of what a beautiful family I have and how blessed I am to have the little rascals. Kate, Rob, Luca & Rocco

A family shoot with us is a celebration of love; your life, no matter how big or small your family. It’s a chance to forget the stresses of daily life and revel in the pleasure of simply being with those dearest to you.

These sessions can require a little bit of preparation; how much is entirely up to you (see how to prepare and what to wear). Think about the special things in your life and how we can incorporate your passions, hobbies and favourite activities into the session. It could be mucking around on the beach, going on family bike ride, making pancakes, having a BBQ at your local park or hiking through the woods. I take a documentary or photo journalistic approach to these sessions, and I also take the time to capture each family member individually. Your gallery will include a combination of candid lifestyle images with lots of natural emotion, and includes artistic solo portraits of children, pets, yourselves, and the entire family.