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Its only taken me three months but finally i’ve edited the photos from our last trip in the truck up to Carnarvon Gorge in Queensland.

The map of this trip and the places we visited is at the end of this post.  Highlights were staying on the Stock’s Farm in Bathurst, an amazing free river camp near Mudgee, Lightening Ridge for the Easter Festival, an all day trek into Carnarvon Gorge and fabulous camping at Takkarakka with a number of other wonderful likeminded families, a week in Byron Bay with my sister and Paul’s folks (no photos unfortunately as too busy loving their company) and the roadtrip back down the coast to Kiama.

Three weeks of the Gosney family doing what we love best…road tripping and exploring the great outdoors. This is what I call The Good Life.

Note the many photos of the boys in their daggy flannelette kmart pyjamas.  The kids love jumping out of bed in the early morning sun to explore their new surrounds. This always happens before breakfast, hence no caffeine in the bloodstream,  hence lack of coherent thought required to dress children appropriately for the day’s activities. Yet it is by far the best time for photos in the soft morning light with happy independent kids interacting with the natural world, not begging for the ipad or tired whining about this or that. The sweetest memories come at this time of the day so I guess I just need to buy slightly less daggy jimjams next holidays.



Summer holidays are always a bit of a slap in the face for me.

Six weeks of daily reminders of just how disconnected we are for the rest of the year with our daily routines are that so busy, complicated and distracting from the important things.

A reminder that too much of our year is spent disconnected from the simple joy of being. How often do we allow ourselves to really feel the wonder of being alive, of being loved, of belonging to a family and a community, the amazing abundance of our times and the ease in which our fundamental human needs met daily and then some.

Summer is when our family yearns for simplicity. Camping out under the stars and working only to meet our basic needs of securing food and water and shelter from the weather. Carving out time in each day to connect and simply be together without distraction.

This was the summer holidays my boys mastered solo swimming, grew confidence in the water and nurtured a love of the surf…they lived in their swimmers all summer long, hopping along the gravelly roads with their bare feet, swinging their towels and laughing about their boy shenanigans, using up every last ounce of their boundless energy to finally collapse exhausted into our tent each night.

They spent hours whittling away at sticks to make their home-made bows and arrows. They were so determined to catch a bush turkey to cook up for our dinner. Lucky for the bush turkey that their bow and arrow skills still need refinement.

As they slept, Paul and I sat around the campfire reflecting on the hard years gone by and how fortunate we are to own front row tickets to this next golden age of parenting these beautiful, strong, wilful, fun loving, independent children of ours.

Now we are back to reality with a bump. The universe is grand at levelling out. For any great happiness it seems there must be an equal amount of pain.

Six weeks of no work means bills left unpaid and plenty more rolling in like a tsunami. The kids are back to school, Paul and I are back to hustling up jobs. The credit card is getting a pounding as we figure out where the next mortgage payment is coming from.

But can you put a dollar figure on the joy that is summer?

ps all the action shots in the surf and swimming under water were shot by Paul on his fabulous GoPro!


Mum, don’t fall over in shock, take a seat…but i’ve actually edited some of our own family photos! The cobbler’s children go unshod no longer : )

School holidays are hard with two parents working from home. The computer is always beckoning for client shoots to be edited or urgent emails to be answered and the kids often end up with the short end of the stick. So Paul and I have decided that each school holidays we are going to pack up the truck, escape out office chains, live like gypsies and explore this beautiful land we live in. The kids are born campers and Paul and I love the freedom of the open road. Everyone is happy.

The photos below show our latest winter road trip to Broken Hill via Bathurst, Dubbo, Cobar, Darling River, Menindee Lakes, Silverton and Lake Mungo. Winter was always going to be the hardest holiday of the year to do this kind of travelling in and I must say I wasn’t relishing the idea of frosty mornings or getting up in the middle of the night for the boys to do a pee (we are in a roof tent after all!) We soon got into the rhythm of it though and our dear Paul was pretty awesome at doing the hard yards when it came to the nightly pee adventures and braving the cold first thing to make us all hot milo and hot milky coffees to get the blood moving again. It was so cosy under that warm doona in our little family tent. I love how there is enough room for all four of us to stretch out and share our sleep together comfortably, it brings us all closer together I think.

Photos a team effort by both Paul and myself.


A couple of weeks ago my dearest sister, Lucy, married her love, Umberto. Above all else they wanted to have a wedding day that was true to themselves. A day that was authentic, genuine and true. A beautiful and meaningful reflection of the feeling and regard they have for each other.

I deeply admire my sisters strength and determination in managing the juggernaut of preconceived ideas of what a “traditional” wedding should be. It was a delicate balancing act and I know they put many many hours of hard thought and work into keeping the day true. They did it though. Oh boy did they do it!

Lucy and Umbi are very playful together, always joking and laughing on the surface but there has always been an undercurrent of deep love and respect in their relationship. They don’t talk about this openly but you know it is there…the way they look at each other when they are in your presence and you know they are talking to each other a thousand words with “that look”, but only they know what it means to them.

The wedding ceremony itself was full to brim with their characteristic playfulness and joy but also it was amazing to hear them speak about the deeper parts of their relationship. How much they mean to each other and all they wish for together in the future. Every part of that ceremony was SO true, authentic and genuine. It would have been easy to say the “traditional” words , and this still would have been beautiful and meaningful, but they put in the extra work to make that ceremony more then that; to make it authentic to them. I’m so thankful they choose this path as they revealed so much of the beauty that is their life together in this way.

As for all the rest of this amazing wedding, the dress, the flowers, the beautiful details of the menus and name cards, the location, the food…the photos can tell you all about that. Unfortunately this blog doesn’t do smell ‘o’ vision as it is a crying shame I can’t share the AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL assault to the senses those flowers were. A terrifically potent combination of rosemary, lavender and beautiful simple daisies… I will remember every last detail of this day always now whenever I smell those smells.

And finally I will leave you with a quote. Our dear friend Geri read this at the ceremony. It paints the picture of marriage for me and I love it.

Love is a temporary madness, it erupts like volcanoes and then subsides. And when it subsides, you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion, it is not the desire to mate every second minute of the day, it is not lying awake at night imagining that he is kissing every cranny of your body. No, don’t blush, I am telling you some truths. That is just being “in love”, which any fool can do. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident.

Louis de Bernièrs’ Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

p.s we also discovered that my son Harry LOVES to boogie : ) He stayed up late into the night dancing to all the awesome tunes my brother put together. How awesome is it when your kids grow old enough to share these special occasions with you!

p.p.s you’ll also notice that i’m in many of these photos as I was sister of the bride, bridesmaid, speech giver and photographer on this magical day.  My darling Paul excelled himself in stepping up the challenge of shooting most of the preamble and ceremony as the solo photographer.  Have I ever told you how much I adore this guy?


Quite a few months ago, a couple of dear friends of mine that live in Sydney decided we should have a weekend away. Somewhere in the middle between where we are based in Kiama and them in Sydney. Little Forest Country Cottages came highly recommended to them so we went with it and It was THE most perfect spot for this kind of “joining of families” weekend away. The kids were in magical playground heaven.

Isn’t is just the perfect place to capture images of a family enjoying time together. I’d just adore to do a family shoot there one day!

ps how simply awesome is this last shot??  Paul took this one (and in fact all of the tilt shift images early in this post are his beautiful work).


My boys.. this is when they are at their most content.

Free ranging, playing with sticks, running at filt tilt, laughing till their tummies hurt, climbing and jumping off rocks, pretending to be crocodiles in the creek, jumping the waves, giving Mummy a cuddle.


A rainy saturday morning stuck inside with two energetic boys? Yes, I admit I relented and allowed unrestrained bed jumping. Of course it ended in tears. But they loved it while it lasted!


I’ve recently been cultivating a new passion. Making handmade quilts.  I’ve only made two so far, one for each of my boys… but I see a habit forming here.

The fact that sewing is passion of mine came as a huge shock to me. I spent four years of my catholic convent high school education rebelling against the compulsory “textiles” & ‘home economics” classes we were all corralled into attending. I wanted to learn how to carve wood using a lathe or bend bits of metal into god know what. My peers at the local state schools had equal opportunity to choose carpentry or metalwork, but my all girls school was still stuck in the 1950s! Gosh, it made me so mad and our poor teacher, Miss Butcher, I’m afraid bore the brunt of my teenage “equal opportunities” angst.

Fast forward 15 odd years and I’m standing in a bookshop in Chatswood. I love books and bookshops. I love the smell of them, all that new paper. I love the potential behind every cover and browsing the shelves waiting for my next favourite book to jump out at me. On this day there was one book that just wouldn’t leave me be… I kept picking it up, putting it back down again …. being drawn back to it again shaking my head… no… it can’t be… I’m not interested in quilting… surely not!

It was the colours, the riot of pattern, the beautiful modern design of the quilts. I was spellbound, it ticked all the boxes!  1) The art of matching a diverse colours, patterns and tones to create one beautiful coherent quilt (the creative urge in me). 2) Creating beautiful objects that would be part of our everyday life (the practical virgo in me). 3) Pieces of art that I get to wrap my family up in when they need warmth or comfort (the mother in me). I mean, how awesome is that!

Quilting is a labour intensive activity. Many many hours over several months. I mentally genuflected to my old convent school  every time I had to thread my sewing machine, secure a knot or tie off a thread. Miss Butcher (and my parents),  you were right to tell me I would appreciate my education in later life. I’m so sorry I ever doubted you!

With hand quilting, it can seem like an insurmountable task when you make that first stitch.  It is a job that was only achieved by putting aside a little of my time every night, twenty minutes or even an hour if the kids get to bed early.  Tiny increments of applied effort over a long period off time to get the desired result. At times it felt pointless, like it was going to take years to get this thing finished so why bother… is it really worth all this time?  But something kept me going back to it. Every night. Maybe only for 10 minutes whilst watching Masterchef until one night, six months down the track, I tied my last knot. I walked to my son’s bedroom and laid the finished quilt, with much satisfaction, lightly on him he slept.

Harry’s quilt is not nearly perfect as a quilting piece goes, in fact it is obviously made by a complete beginner to the art…but, Harry LOVES it and so excited that his Mummy made it just for him. This makes me smile deep inside. I feel  joy when I look at it.  I felt at peace when I was making it. I feel pride that I kept going at it even when I didn’t really want to do it anymore.

Surprising, this experience has given me even more faith to persist in my other great passion in life, my photography and running this small business of mine.  My manta in this slow winter season… tiny increments of effort applied daily over time will get the desired result : )


I have THOUSANDS of images of these boys. Almost every time we venture out at weekends or our adventures during the week either Paul or I will bring our camera. I love shooting my kids. Unfortunately 95% of of these shots never see the light of day as editing, proofing and posting is such a labour intensive process and my client shoots always come first when the time comes to sit in front of the computer.

This morning I was challenged by a friend to do something today that is always on your “someday” list but you never get around to : )

Being a parent is not always exactly as I imagined in my head all those years I spent wishing for it. It is hard work and often a thankless task! Yesterday however was one of those days that make all that hard work seem effortless and worthwhile. As I wrote on my facebook status last night:

Beautiful blue sky peaceful autumn day, morning spent cleaning the house, afternoon spent playing outside under the autumn trees, impromptu photo shoot with my very own darling boys, donuts from the berry donut van followed by delicious Sunday roast dinner, glass of red as watch Masterchef… satisfied sigh as I shuffle off to bed!

My challenge this morning was not to let these images languish unloved on my harddrive. They are too precious xx


We were so fortunate to have chance to spend a leisurely Christmas holiday with my parents-in-law at the most divine farmhouse just outside of Berry. There was a creek running past the house, chickens running amok laying the most beautiful fresh eggs and the hugest, best maintained vegetable garden I’ve ever clapped eyes on; with fresh strawberries, raspberries, bountiful rocket and more tomatoes then you could eat in a month!

The kids, as I’m sure you can imagine, were in heaven.  Loving adults all around giving them lots of nourishing attention, chickens  to feed, eggs to harvest and strawberries to snack on!