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Evidence that yes…. winter is, indeed, a beautiful season for family photos! My guide for this session, Oonagh, told me that it would be impossible to shoot on this bridge in the summer due the number of people trying to cross the river to the beach. But for our session the bridge and beach were virtually deserted and after a bit of running around, the kids soon shed their winter coats, enjoying the fresh sea air! I really enjoyed hanging out with these three siblings and i’m delighted with the photographs we captured together too.

I’m so excited to be exploring and shooting down here at last.  Thanks so much for the wonderful response to my Kisschasey Giveway and all the awesome suggestions you guys have emailed to me. So many options for you lucky South Coasters! I’ve got several shoots in different parts of the region lined up so stay tuned for much more South Coast goodness!


This was such a lovely relaxed session documenting a family at home, just being who they are; together.  It was such a joy to be able to record these memories for you. Plenty more where these came from too : )


My brief: EIGHT grandchildren in one shot with all their beautiful smiling heads facing forward : ) Thankfully they were all darling and incredibly good listeners! A surprise present for Grandma for her birthday next month. Autumn really is such a beautiful time of year to get photos done…the colours and light are just divine.


Yay, go me!  Please allow me a little celebratory fist pump after hours upon hours of fiddling with wordpress templates, export files, logo designs!

So, why the change from Fifila Photography?

First a little background info: Fifila Photography started from a nickname I used to set up my flickr account in 2005.  My hilarious work colleagues in my past life as an IT consultant labelled me with various nicknames along the lines of  Fifi, or Foofi, or Fifi La Foofinator to name just a few on that theme. So naturally the first username popped into my head was Fifi La Photographer.

At the time, the thought of running a full time photography studio was not even a whisper in my imagination. I just loved taking photos and did it pretty much ALL day long given the opportunity.  But as Flickr became my springboard into taking photos professionally, it felt it apt to give my schooling in this artform a little nod within my business name… et voila…Fifila Photography was born.

But time has worked its wonderful magic on me over the last 6 years, I’ve evolved but I felt stuck with the old name. It didn’t seem to really describe me or my work, and to be honest, no-one really knew how to pronounce it!

I wanted a name that people could remember easily, that might even be memorable.  I wanted a name that described my style of naturally fun photography.  I wanted something that could be as applicable to the work I do with kids and families with the work I do for my wedding clients.  I wanted something that could evoke a feeling of nostalgia of the innocence and free spirit of the young at heart…  and et voila…Kisschasey was born!  The quintessential childhood game of youthful exuberance. Perfect!

There are also two other BIG bits of news to go with this launch:

We are  expanding our horizons and are now offering sessions on the South Coast, from Wollongong to Nowra; as well as Sydney. The family and I have recently relocated to Minnamurra; about 1 hour and 40 mins south of Sydney. Although our connections in Sydney are still as strong as ever (we will be visiting our old stomping grounds weekly for shoots) I would dearly love to grow a body of work that shows off this most beautiful part of the country that has captured our hearts! My next post will be an announcement all about how I plan to do this : ) xx

This is also our official launch the wedding arm of our business. My partner Paul and I adore shooting weddings together! With two distinctive styles and skill sets, we mesh together beautifully to  deliver a diverse spectrum of images for our clients. We lucked upon the discovery that we LOVE to shoot weddings when both our best friends got married with the same week and we offered to do their photography as their wedding gifts. We had never imagined working together before, but the results we so surprisingly good that we did a quite a few more, for friends of friends and past clients, till we got to where we are today – officially offering wedding bookings to the wider world!

So…without much more to say…welcome to the world Kisschasey Photography –  Capture the moment for keeps!