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Yes I may be biased, but after spending the morning trawling through ourĀ Kiama Tourism shoots, I’m 99.99% convinced Kiama is the most funkadelic place to live or go on holiday!

Paul and I have been very lucky to have been commissioned for a number of commercial photo shoots by Kiama Tourism over the last couple of years. Here is a just a small selection of the images we’ve added to their image library.


Summer holidays are always a bit of a slap in the face for me.

Six weeks of daily reminders of just how disconnected we are for the rest of the year with our daily routines are that so busy, complicated and distracting from the important things.

A reminder that too much of our year is spent disconnected from the simple joy of being. How often do we allow ourselves to really feel the wonder of being alive, of being loved, of belonging to a family and a community, the amazing abundance of our times and the ease in which our fundamental human needs met daily and then some.

Summer is when our family yearns for simplicity. Camping out under the stars and working only to meet our basic needs of securing food and water and shelter from the weather. Carving out time in each day to connect and simply be together without distraction.

This was the summer holidays my boys mastered solo swimming, grew confidence in the water and nurtured a love of the surf…they lived in their swimmers all summer long, hopping along the gravelly roads with their bare feet, swinging their towels and laughing about their boy shenanigans, using up every last ounce of their boundless energy to finally collapse exhausted into our tent each night.

They spent hours whittling away at sticks to make their home-made bows and arrows. They were so determined to catch a bush turkey to cook up for our dinner. Lucky for the bush turkey that their bow and arrow skills still need refinement.

As they slept, Paul and I sat around the campfire reflecting on the hard years gone by and how fortunate we are to own front row tickets to this next golden age of parenting these beautiful, strong, wilful, fun loving, independent children of ours.

Now we are back to reality with a bump. The universe is grand at levelling out. For any great happiness it seems there must be an equal amount of pain.

Six weeks of no work means bills left unpaid and plenty more rolling in like a tsunami. The kids are back to school, Paul and I are back to hustling up jobs. The credit card is getting a pounding as we figure out where the next mortgage payment is coming from.

But can you put a dollar figure on the joy that is summer?

ps all the action shots in the surf and swimming under water were shot by Paul on his fabulous GoPro!


Mum, don’t fall over in shock, take a seat…but i’ve actually edited some of our own family photos! The cobbler’s children go unshod no longer : )

School holidays are hard with two parents working from home. The computer is always beckoning for client shoots to be edited or urgent emails to be answered and the kids often end up with the short end of the stick. So Paul and I have decided that each school holidays we are going to pack up the truck, escape out office chains, live like gypsies and explore this beautiful land we live in. The kids are born campers and Paul and I love the freedom of the open road. Everyone is happy.

The photos below show our latest winter road trip to Broken Hill via Bathurst, Dubbo, Cobar, Darling River, Menindee Lakes, Silverton and Lake Mungo. Winter was always going to be the hardest holiday of the year to do this kind of travelling in and I must say I wasn’t relishing the idea of frosty mornings or getting up in the middle of the night for the boys to do a pee (we are in a roof tent after all!) We soon got into the rhythm of it though and our dear Paul was pretty awesome at doing the hard yards when it came to the nightly pee adventures and braving the cold first thing to make us all hot milo and hot milky coffees to get the blood moving again. It was so cosy under that warm doona in our little family tent. I love how there is enough room for all four of us to stretch out and share our sleep together comfortably, it brings us all closer together I think.

Photos a team effort by both Paul and myself.