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I love it when a client brief comes together. This lovely local family had a clear vision of capturing their passion for the surf on an early morning dawn shoot down at the beach.

It a truly a joy to be out and about at this time of the day. I do love a lie in under my cosy warm doona on a chilly winter’s morning but give me a family to photograph in dawn light and i’m out of bed quicker then lightening.


Exploring new (for me!) and exciting family photography locations with dear friends. I’ve photographed these guys enough times now that it is a bit like slipping on a pair of comfy slippers and just letting the story unfold.


The last time I photographed this bunch, gorgeous little Eden was just days from being born. Faaaaast forward almost two years and boom…. and she is all growed up already. Just like that.

We stopped by the Stock’s farm on our way north on our Easter holidays and set up our camper in one of their fields of purple flowering lucerne . Did you know they mow down this pretty legume to make hay for the cattle? They say you learn something new every day. We camped out in this bucolic paradise for two days and it was the highlight of the school holidays for my two boys with all these kids on tap to play crazy boy games with.    The Stock’s Farm is quickly becoming Harry and Fin’s number one camping destination.  Its not bad for us adults either as we indulge in a few wines and stay up chit chatting late into the night around the campfire.

Jen has been wanting to line up a shoot for a while to capture their special relationship with their youngest daughter.  Finally the stars aligned and the full moon at sunset too!

Loving the contrast of the green and bountiful fields of crops to the ploughed winter fields and dry grassland of the last shoot. I think it gives a little insight into all the work goes into this land that provides for this delightful farming family.


Not many folks can do pregnancy with quite such aplomb as my beautiful friend Em.  She is thinking this might be their last baby and wanted to capture her beautiful bump so as to remember this time in years to come.  Long after the sleep deprivation and discomfort is forgotten, it will be these fragments of light and wonder that remain.

Beautiful Berry farmland in the magic golden hour before sunset. As good as it gets : )


Oh the wonder that is Grandparents! What would we do without them?

Little Felix goes up the mountain road in Berry to his Grandparents home at least once a week to give his parents some time to “get stuff done”. My dear friend Emma wrote me an email about taking some photos of them together:

“Felix just adores it when he goes up there for a couple of hours, usually at least once a week. He goes around with Carrots feeding the horses and the chooks, walking the dogs down to the dam, sitting on D’s lawnmower tractor etc etc. He has such a special relationship with them and all the animals up there, and I feel like it must be captured! ”

So here we are : )


This shoot is testament to the fact that you can get amazing family photos whatever the weather. Torrential rain seemed to be the theme for most of my shoots this summer! The bigger kids were heading off all over the country soon after our scheduled session, so we just had to make the most of it and you know what, it felt liberating to be out on the beach in a down pour and, even so, we were able to capture some beautiful and unique family images!

A couple of weeks later we were able to book in a re-run with the babies on Minnamurra Headland and what fun we had. Little miss ran around, laughed and smiled as was as wonderfully cheeky as all 18 month olds should be! There is nothing like cheeky toddler to naturally inject movement and fun into a family shoot.


Our final family photo shoot in a beautiful year long project of documenting this family.  The end is bitter sweet. I’m sad that I won’t get to hang out with these guys every few months but mega delighted at the swag of gorgeous photos I’m able to hand over to celebrate their first year of being parents to their delightful little girl.

Is their a more awesome spot to end the year then Luna Park? We thought not : )

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Clients often ask me if they can bring their dog along to their family photo shoot and the answer is always YES! A family pet is as much a part of our lives as any other member of the family so i’m delighted to include them in our sessions whenever possible!

The golden retriever in these shots is called Rufus and he was ALMOST as adorable as his two little playmates : )


I do enjoy it when a client gently shoves me out of my comfort zone by suggesting a location that i’ve never held a family photo shoot at before. It gets me out and about exploring the local area with local knowledge and introduces me to all that is most beautiful in the Illawarra and South Coast regions. This gorgeous family introduced me to the famous (little did I know) and very beautiful Sandon Point and what a lovely spot it is. Thanks for adding another amazing south coast photography location to growing list : )