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A picture perfect, if a little blustery, afternoon in Gerringong. We first met under a beautiful fig tree at the Crooked River Winery, a favourite haunt for these two, and then jumped in the car on a misson to find a little sun trap away from the gale force winds on Werri Beach; which luckily we found…thank you mother nature for glorious steep wind breaking cliffs!

This beautiful couple , newly engaged after being together for years, wanted me to to document this time in their lives, to capture a genuine moment between the two of them  and their delightful Cavoodle dog. To have an image that could be their own little window back in time, always to this peaceful afternoon spent drinking red wine with their love, in the long grass, under a beautiful fig tree, on a windy sunshiny day.


Going, my boat’s leaving today.
Gonna get down to the water,
gonna wash these blues away.
Man this city’s taken too much from me,
gonna head out to the country,
find a place where i can breathe.
I’ve been working 9 to 5,
trying to lead a gracious life,
but my hard work only ever went to keeping me in strife.
Gonna take another road.
Gonna find myself some soul.
Gonna do my best in every way,
to pay attention as i go.

Cash money,
aint got no use for you.
Unless you can buy me true love.
And it’s funny,
how many time’s they’ve proved,
that the only true fortune you can save,
is the truth.

“The Beautiful Girls” Cash Money

I’ve known Emma for over 14 years. We went to university together, partied hard as young twenty somethings in the same crowd in London, travelled the world on much needed escapes from the grind of climbing the corporate ladder, and even worked together at the same company when first she was first arrived in Sydney. She is pretty much my favourite person in the world.

In all those 14 years, she has talked and dreamed of a house in the country with a couple of dogs around her feet and a good man to keep her honest. Sometimes that dream felt a long long way from ever happening but about 4 years ago she met Ant and “click”… the path was clear and plans carefully made. But, big dreams, especially those worth having, do not come overnight and these guys have done their time in the Sydney high-stress corporate jobs.

Finally, In September this year, they moved into their own house in the country with the much desired garden. They rescued their dogs, banished to Ant’s parents due to misocynist landlord in Sydney. They cut their working hours down to “just enough” to get by. They DID IT…a slower, healthier, happier life in Berry on the South Coast!

This photo shoot is a celebration of this moment in their lives. The joy of feeling released and living the life they dreamed, planned and made happen!

Guys, my heart is full xx