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Its only taken me three months but finally i’ve edited the photos from our last trip in the truck up to Carnarvon Gorge in Queensland.

The map of this trip and the places we visited is at the end of this post.  Highlights were staying on the Stock’s Farm in Bathurst, an amazing free river camp near Mudgee, Lightening Ridge for the Easter Festival, an all day trek into Carnarvon Gorge and fabulous camping at Takkarakka with a number of other wonderful likeminded families, a week in Byron Bay with my sister and Paul’s folks (no photos unfortunately as too busy loving their company) and the roadtrip back down the coast to Kiama.

Three weeks of the Gosney family doing what we love best…road tripping and exploring the great outdoors. This is what I call The Good Life.

Note the many photos of the boys in their daggy flannelette kmart pyjamas.  The kids love jumping out of bed in the early morning sun to explore their new surrounds. This always happens before breakfast, hence no caffeine in the bloodstream,  hence lack of coherent thought required to dress children appropriately for the day’s activities. Yet it is by far the best time for photos in the soft morning light with happy independent kids interacting with the natural world, not begging for the ipad or tired whining about this or that. The sweetest memories come at this time of the day so I guess I just need to buy slightly less daggy jimjams next holidays.