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An early morning winter stroll on the beach with the little ones…is there a better way to start your Sunday?


Exploring new (for me!) and exciting family photography locations with dear friends. I’ve photographed these guys enough times now that it is a bit like slipping on a pair of comfy slippers and just letting the story unfold.


Blue skies, fluorescent green grass, a misty surf churned sea.. a true blue South Coast scene for family photos at Werri Beach in Gerringong : )


The last time I photographed this bunch, gorgeous little Eden was just days from being born. Faaaaast forward almost two years and boom…. and she is all growed up already. Just like that.

We stopped by the Stock’s farm on our way north on our Easter holidays and set up our camper in one of their fields of purple flowering lucerne . Did you know they mow down this pretty legume to make hay for the cattle? They say you learn something new every day. We camped out in this bucolic paradise for two days and it was the highlight of the school holidays for my two boys with all these kids on tap to play crazy boy games with.    The Stock’s Farm is quickly becoming Harry and Fin’s number one camping destination.  Its not bad for us adults either as we indulge in a few wines and stay up chit chatting late into the night around the campfire.

Jen has been wanting to line up a shoot for a while to capture their special relationship with their youngest daughter.  Finally the stars aligned and the full moon at sunset too!

Loving the contrast of the green and bountiful fields of crops to the ploughed winter fields and dry grassland of the last shoot. I think it gives a little insight into all the work goes into this land that provides for this delightful farming family.


For the Made in Kiama Market last year, I ran a competition in which one lucky family could win the complete Kisschasey portrait experience.

This beautiful family were the lucky winners picked out of the bucket of entries by my two little rascals. Thankfully the universe, in what I believe is its perpetual effort restore equilibrium to its systems, choose THE most deserving people to receive my gift.    To coin a phrase from that A-team great of the 80s, John “Hannibal” Smith…. “I love it when a plan comes together” : )


I’m taking advantage of a quiet few days to catch up on the many fabulous shoots I wasn’t able to find time to blog before Christmas. The kids are back at school and the house is so calm and peaceful. I can’t quite believe i’m able to sit down in front on my computer for more then two minutes without interruption! It has been amazing to have our boys all to ourselves for the last five weeks; to go on camping adventures and enjoy some quality beach time, but all good things must come to an end and thankfully we all seem to be looking forward to the end of holiday chaos and the introduction of our more orderly school/work routines!

You would not believe it looking at the light in these photos that just minutes before this shoot the heavens opened and let loose buckets and buckets of rain…thankfully the sun was not far behind and the misty light was really something special. This is a new location for me and I’m in love! These great ancient fig trees have always had a magical hold on me and this one is particularly photogenic with its old stone walls and rolling green hills in the distance. I can’t wait to do many many more sessions here : )


Can you believe we are still in the depths of winter? No… neither can I.


Last weekend in Sydney was an absolute corker for light and sunsets!

Driving home from this shoot I felt so very privileged to be out there doing what I love and immensely grateful for the clients who trust me to do my best work for them. It is this trust that allows me to carry on working as a photographer so I can pay the mortgage and the countless other bills that come rolling in day after day and my heart fills with gratitude with each and every booking. Thank you Kisschasey clients xxx

This beautiful family are from the States and enjoying their final month in Sydney before heading back to start the next chapter of their life in Texas. They have loved their time in Australia and wanted to capture the spirit of their year long adventure here in Sydney! What could be more Sydney then a beautiful sunshiney afternoon, views of sailing boats on the harbour and an hour or two messing around on the beach as the sun goes down?


Clients often ask me if they can bring their dog along to their family photo shoot and the answer is always YES! A family pet is as much a part of our lives as any other member of the family so i’m delighted to include them in our sessions whenever possible!

The golden retriever in these shots is called Rufus and he was ALMOST as adorable as his two little playmates : )