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I read recently this quote about grandparents.

“The idea that no one is perfect is a view most commonly held by people with no grandchildren.”

Doug Larson

So true.  I know my own parents are blinded by their adoration of my children. Even when they are running amok after a Granny sanctioned lolly binge, my mother’s response will be,”look at these dear children, so adorable, so full of life”  O_O

This was a very easy and relaxed mother’s day session to include the gorgeous grandparents and uncle of adorable baby S (also photographed here and here!)  Lots of joking around and love in this family, a delight to capture! These three were so obviously besotted with the latest addition to the family!


This gorgeous family won a gift voucher that we donated to help the fund-raising efforts at the Giant Steps Black Tie Ball. Giant Steps was founded to help educate children and families experiencing autism, to alleviate associated stress and to guide in the achievement of measurable results. We have friends with a child at the school so I’m grateful  to be able to help in any small way to raise the millions of dollars they need to keep the school funded each year!


These guys, two sisters and their cousin, flew in from from different states in Australia to spend the weekend together with their beautiful families at Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay. All three woman gave birth to their babies within a couple of months of each other and were excited to capture this unique time as new mums together.

When my own babies were young it was the other mum’s at similar stages that I met along the way that helped me keep my sanity… they knew exactly how my day was going by the expression on my face!  What a joy it would have been to have your sister and cousin all along for the ride at the same time. Amazing!


Love is the bedrock in every family. Documenting that love is my passion and the work of my heart.  With some families it is easy to capture, bubbling to the surface with ease and grace. With others it is more elusive, hidden behind social walls and protected from view. Most often the families I work with need gentle reassurance mixed with a good dose of distraction to relax and let down their guards in front of my camera, to feel free to show affection and closeness with a stranger watching on. This is a skill i’m always working on and that i’m proud to bring to my work.

Every now and again however, a family comes along that are just naturally open, close, affectionate and loving and my job simply becomes one of capturing the best light, colour, angles and smiles.

These parents raised their three girls in Kiama but all now live far and wide across Australia. The three of them generously clubbed together to buy their parents some updated family photos for Christmas this year and I was able to capture them as they reunited for this special family time. It was obvious to anyone watching these guys how important “family” is to them. I fervently hope one day my grown up kids come home to visit us such joy and love in their hearts! To me, that would be a parenting job well done.



A seriously beautiful Autumn afternoon photographing a gorgeous local family in Kiama and on the Minnamurra headland. Doesn’t this little dude just love the camera or what???


This gorgeous and lucky family won a photoshoot with me from the My Mummy Daze blog giveaway!

The shoot was a Balmoral and on one of the first hot saturdays of the year so you can just imagine the heaving mass of sun-worshipping bodies on the beach that day : )  The older kids were just gorgeous and we had great chats about camera gear and getting into photography. Their baby brother gave us all the run around but that is the toddlers job eh?  It was so warming to see his older brothers and sisters look after him with such care!

Jolien – i’ll be in touch very soon with your full gallery. Enjoy these in the meantime.


When my boys were very little, my mothers group was my lifeline.  The weekly meetings were often the only form of new social interaction, outside of my immediate circle, for weeks at a time.  I loved that we organised our weekly meet ups next to the cafe with the good coffee and divine cakes.

When I was struggling to keep it all together, my girlfriends from mother’s group would lift me up and give me the strength I needed to keep busting through the daily grind of parenting the newborn/toddler combo! The friendships forged during those shared hours are still my best and dearest even though many of us have moved houses, gone back to work and rarely get a freedom to sit down and relax with a cup of coffee and a cake now we have walking, talking, independent toddlers on our hands!

I really value that I was able to capture our little group of friends before we all headed off on our own directions…back into the hustle and bustle of “ordinary life” after maternity leave.

So I’m really excited to announce our newest addition to our session types: Mothers Group Photo Shoots.

Just Mums & Bubs: $195 per Mum + Baby (a minimum of 6 babies)

  • A 1-2 hour shoot at my home studio in Minnamurra, near Kiama on the NSW South Coast OR on location if your kids are older, walking, talking etc!
  • Fifteen minutes individual shoot time per baby. Older children can added to the shoot for $50 per child.  A group photo of just the babies plus a group photo of all the mums and babies together!
  • FIVE digital high resolution files per family for you to keep on CD (usually $475 if purchased after a custom family photo shoot) . You can print as many copies of these images as you’d like, perfect as Christmas presents for the family!
  • A large indoor play area and secure garden for older children to entertain themselves if you choose to shoot at my studio
  • Freshly made espresso coffee (or tea) and yummy morning tea nibbles (cake, biscuits, fruit if you are being good!)
  • Babies should be able to sit supported (eg in a bumbo) or lie on their tummies holding their heads high. From 6 months onwards is the perfect age.


Get the whole family involved : $325 per family (a minimum of 6 families)

Organise your mothers group friends together for a family day at local park or beach…with maybe a nice BBQ picnic and swim in the sea…and have your family photos done together with this bulk discount deal just for mothers groups!

  • Fabulous 50% discount on custom family photo shoot (full price cost usually $650… $175 for session + $475 for CD of 5 digital files)
  • Families will be booked into 40 minute minute time slots throughout the selected day
  • 30 minutes shooting time for each family including a family group shoot plus individual shots of each of the kids
  • The shoot will be on location at a local beach or park. All families will be photographed at the same location
  • FIVE digital high resolution files per family for you to keep on CD


My brief: EIGHT grandchildren in one shot with all their beautiful smiling heads facing forward : ) Thankfully they were all darling and incredibly good listeners! A surprise present for Grandma for her birthday next month. Autumn really is such a beautiful time of year to get photos done…the colours and light are just divine.


A beautiful morning on the beach with a mother and her daughter. Vivacious and full of life’s energy we explored the rock pools, went on a treasure hunt for chocolate gold in the weathered crags of the shoreline, and ran along the beach doing hand stands, launching huge jumps of the jetty.  My kind of girl!

After some time with just us, their cousins joined us for a more traditional extended family portrait as a present for Grandma for her birthday. Such a lovely idea.

Kylie, I’ve got the rest of your shots ready too. I will be in touch soon with your full gallery!


This dear child is SO adored by her family. These photos are the evidence : )

We had a wonderfully relaxed session in Vaucluse, down at Strickland House. In between the rain showers, we got the most beautiful light filtered by the heavy clouds with magical breaks of pure gold sunshine.  A light lovers paradise as not often you get these kind of conditions in Sydney (although this year there is a glut of it with all this rain!!)

Enjoy your preview Frances and i’ll be in touch very soon with the rest of your shots!