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Exploring new (for me!) and exciting family photography locations with dear friends. I’ve photographed these guys enough times now that it is a bit like slipping on a pair of comfy slippers and just letting the story unfold.


Oh the wonder that is Grandparents! What would we do without them?

Little Felix goes up the mountain road in Berry to his Grandparents home at least once a week to give his parents some time to “get stuff done”. My dear friend Emma wrote me an email about taking some photos of them together:

“Felix just adores it when he goes up there for a couple of hours, usually at least once a week. He goes around with Carrots feeding the horses and the chooks, walking the dogs down to the dam, sitting on D’s lawnmower tractor etc etc. He has such a special relationship with them and all the animals up there, and I feel like it must be captured! ”

So here we are : )


My favourite time of the year is when my children’s grandparents come to visit… my parents come from the UK once or twice a year (i’m very lucky to have travel loving oldies) and Paul’s folks in Melbourne also come whenever they can.  It is such a joy to have them around for the day to day business of living, helping with the kids and filling up their reservoir of love and attention.

So I was delighted to capture this family with the focus being on Granny visiting from South Africa!  


I read recently this quote about grandparents.

“The idea that no one is perfect is a view most commonly held by people with no grandchildren.”

Doug Larson

So true.  I know my own parents are blinded by their adoration of my children. Even when they are running amok after a Granny sanctioned lolly binge, my mother’s response will be,”look at these dear children, so adorable, so full of life”  O_O

This was a very easy and relaxed mother’s day session to include the gorgeous grandparents and uncle of adorable baby S (also photographed here and here!)  Lots of joking around and love in this family, a delight to capture! These three were so obviously besotted with the latest addition to the family!