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If you had to choose the most memorable moments of your child’s first year, which ones would you pick?

Obviously day one is pretty high on my list. The experience of birthing my babies, full of physical sensation and extreme emotions, is hard to forget. This day conjures memories of fear and excitement… fear of the labour pains mingled with the excitement of meeting my child. The uncertainty of not knowing who we are going to be charged with looking after for the rest of our lives and my doubts about whether I have the skills as a mother to look after this beautiful creature as skilfully as he deserves.

The other memories that rates high on my list are my children’s first birthdays, one year on and no longer a stranger to the practicalities of parenting a baby or to the beautiful person we have grown to love. 365 days on duty, day and night.  We made it, the baby survived and so did we…forever changed and chronically sleep deprived but here we all are, a major parenting milestone under our belts.

Birthday parties are a big deal to me as they are a celebration of ALL of this, so when one of my clients goes all out on their kid’s birthday, I love every minute of it.

Scarlet’s first birthday party was held at the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium in Darling Harbour. An underwater journey through Australia’s unique freshwater and marine environments and a feast for a one year old’s senses and imagination.

We enter the aquarium experience through a dark and moody tunnel, flashes of vivid fluorescent beams spotlighting the murky underwater depths on each side of us. Strange aquatic life lurking behind the sea grass, ready to pop out and surprise us unawares. Scarlet observes wide eyed this dazzling ambush to the senses, safe on the landlubbers side of the glass and always within easy reach of her parents secure arms.

As our walk continues the mood lightens and the environment becomes more colourful and tropical. Scarlet wows her adoring audience by practicing her newly acquired walking skills in the oceanarium tunnel.  Sharks, dugongs and stings rays mooch around in 2.6 million litres of filtered water pumped in from Darling Harbour swirling above our heads.

At the end of all this sensory delight is a table laden with sweet treats, as beautiful to your eye as sweetly delicious to your taste buds. A baby blue ocean theme with Ariel the mermaid as the aptly chosen cake topper.  Scarlet’s nearest and dearest serenade the lucky girl with birthday wishes as her sparkler candle counts down the year.

This one year old is not yet talking but it is the wonder of the human child that no words are necessary to express the joy experienced.

{This is third shoot in a series of four we have planned to document Scarlet’s first year (365 package). You can see the first shoot here, the second shoot here.}

Simply beautiful cake, sweet treats and table styling by Jenna at Pretty Parties.