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Oh the wonder that is Grandparents! What would we do without them?

Little Felix goes up the mountain road in Berry to his Grandparents home at least once a week to give his parents some time to “get stuff done”. My dear friend Emma wrote me an email about taking some photos of them together:

“Felix just adores it when he goes up there for a couple of hours, usually at least once a week. He goes around with Carrots feeding the horses and the chooks, walking the dogs down to the dam, sitting on D’s lawnmower tractor etc etc. He has such a special relationship with them and all the animals up there, and I feel like it must be captured! ”

So here we are : )


So you might have heard that the South Coast experienced several tornados a couple of weeks ago? The very next morning I jumped into my car to drive to Werri Beach to shoot this beautifully wild and windy maternity session… the stormy sea and wild waves captured forevermore. At the time I hadn’t watched the news, so I was shocked to see every second tree uprooted and a beach house with a roof ripped clean off. Little did I know that streets of Kiama had suffered much of the same… only later once my friends started texting me cryptic messages asking if we were OK did I start to wonder. We were very fortunate to have slept the night through oblivious to the carnage happening only a kilometre or so away.

The day after the tornados hit was also the day that their adorable little baby girl made a memorable entrance into the world. Maybe to bring some balance to the universe she was the calmest and most easy going of all babies I’ve ever photographed. Many of her extended family had travelled far and wide to be here to celebrate her arrival and it was wonderful to observe her settle so easily for all the family to enjoy long cozy cuddles. This is one loved and adored little baby girl!


There are people that I’ve met along my journey to becoming a successful photographer that have always been my biggest supporters. People that fed me with their faith in me, their kind words, their smiles and unconditional support when days were hard.  Without these people i’m pretty sure I’d have been propping up the statistics in the next Sydney Morning Herald article about failure rates of small business in this country.

Jo and the wonderful ladies at the Lane Cove Occasional Childcare Centre have always been those people to me.  Not only did they wrap their arms about my children and feed them with love whilst my attention was turned to my work, they have always been the first to like or comment on a new post of mine on Facebook and offer welcome words of encouragement when I’d pick the kids up after a hard day editing at the computer!

When Jo was heading off for maternity leave they all clubbed together to buy her a gift and I was so happy that they choose me to photograph her beautiful baby boy and her family!  A wonderful opportunity for me to give back a little for all the faith they’ve invested in me.  Also, to see Jo as a mummy to her own precious little baby after all the years she cared for everyone elses, now that was pretty special too : )


Amanda, the mum in these photos, runs a wonderful local business teaching the young people of Kiama the latest and greatest Dance Sensations! This newborn session was an incredibly generous gift from all of her students and their families and gifted just in time to capture Baby A’s very first Christmas.  This dear family seemed so happy and content with their new life as parents and their divine baby so calm. A true delight to capture in these photographs.


Your life was ours, which is with you.
Go on your journey. We go too.

Lullaby” by John Fuller


The beautiful newborn baby Amelia at home with her mum and dad… how smitten by their dear daughter they were! Always so special to visit a family with a brand new baby…I don’t photograph newborns so often but I do so love it when I do xx


I’ve talked before how much I love driving to sessions… the added bonus of shooting in England was that my dear Mum let me borrow her retirement present to herself, a super fun and exceedingly cute little convertable Ka, to cruise around in.  Just imagine…the sun is shining, top down, nipping around narrow windy country lanes, tunes on full blast, wind blasting through my hair, smile on my face. Yes, i’m sure that amount of fun is illegal for a “grown up”  : )  And that is even before the session starts!

Add onto that, three delightful children bursting with vitality and beautiful personalities, a gorgeous home in West Sussex with a garden perfectly designed for children to have fun and a trip to the stables to play with the pony, and life doesn’t really get much better!  The village, the house, the local town, the people and the ponies were so familiar to my early childhood in growing up in a similar village in Oxfordshire. If my parents had hired a photographer when my siblings and I were this age, then my family and our life would have looked like this…I think that is why I love these photos so much!  The more I “grow up”  and acquire my own responsibilities of children, mortgages, bills and businesses…the more unbelievably thankful I am for the home my parents worked so hard to create for us.   These three kids don’t know how lucky they are…I sure didn’t at the time. But one day they will, and they will be grateful for it : )



This is a really hard post to write. I have so many feelings about this shoot that i’m struggling to express all the joy this job has brought me without sounding disingenuous.

Maybe I should start with how much I love driving through this country of ours, alone at the wheel except for my thoughts, watching the scenes rush pass me, listening to an audiobook or some groovy tunes. Road trips fill me up. When I’m worn thin from too much work, too much kid wrangling, too much life…an hour or two in the car with my thoughts is my medicine. I don’t know why this is…it just is.

This beautiful family lives on a farm in Bathurst so I had eight soul filling hours of driving there and back. Over the mountains, through a countryside kissed by winter sun and wide blue skies, listening to Missy Higgins, Elton John, The Beautiful girls and a healthy dose of my 60’s folk collection. (Song of the trip: Fleetwood Mac…Landslide).

Then I should tell you about Jennifer Stocks, the wonderful mother of this dear family. She is herself an extraordinary family photographer and highly respected in the industry. It was a lucky day for me, the morning we met at a Jinky Art workshop about four and a half years ago. She invited me to join a flickr group created by a collection of women starting out as family photographers in Australia. By this one little act she was instrumental in my journey to becoming the photographer I am today. This group is literally bursting at the seams with talent… seriously some of the best Australia has to offer. It is through this group that I found knowledge, inspiration, and encouragement when all the chips were down.  This group has shown me the path to make it in this business and everyday i’m thankful for access to these wonderful minds.

Then we should talk about her three boys. I’m a mother of boys so I have a particular affinity for shoots of this kind. Jen’s boys were already so familiar to me from years of looking at Jen’s wonderful personal work.  These three are like all boys when confronted with a family photo shoot…  lets just say, sitting still and smiling for the camera was not high on their agenda! Which of course was totally cool with me as I love to capture kids and families being true to themselves.  This is one of the reasons I love boys on shoots…they rarely ham is up for the camera and what you get is real. Genuine is so important for me  with my style of photography and this family wholeheartedly gave me their real genuine beautiful selves. I love them for that!

Then perhaps we should talk about the land these guys live and work on. The Stocks are a farming family and this is their patch. You could have knocked me over with a feather as I jumped out of the ute to confront the scene that faced me in the latter photographs on this shoot.  I don’t think I could have been presented with a more beautiful Australian rural landscape then this!  I’m so accustomed to shooting coastal landscapes that it was a welcome breath of fresh air to capture the beauty of such a different scene.

Oh, and then there was the amazing late afternoon light, the blue skies that went on forever, the connection between five (soon to be six) independent individual souls all coming together in this impressively cohesive family unit.  A credit to Jen and Damien!

It was confronting and just a little bit scary to photograph a family with such a talented mum. But I’m proud of these photos. I love them all. I’m delighted to been presented the challenge to jump so far out of my comfort zone.   I feel like I’m finally hitting my stride with where I want to be as a photographer and I’m SO honoured that I could capture this time for someone I respect so highly!

Ok…so that was a bit of an essay!  I did tell you I was struggling here : )  xx  Sophie


It is very hard to describe the special feeling of walking into a house with a newborn just arrived. The beautiful smells and bursts of colour from the gifts of flowers dotted all over the house, the cards with their beautiful messages from friends and family on the sideboards, the countenance of exhaustion from long nights with little sleep on the parents faces, the warmth and hyperawareness of love and family bonds, the fleeting glimpses into how precious and awe-inspiring ‘life’ is.

Goose bump inducing moments for me and all the more so when walking into a house of dear friends with the knowledge of how hard they worked and how long they wished for this moment to be. I felt so honoured to be welcomed into their beautiful home to document this moment in time for them.


A delightful shoot up at Copacabana on the NSW central coast to celebrate Granny coming to visit from the UK. These guys have built a beautiful home on the cliff overlooking Copacabana-MacMasters Beach… a little slice of heaven that they welcomed me into for a relaxed couple of hours on a lazy saturday afternoon.

The bond between this little guy and his family was beautiful to observe. I loved capturing the hugs with Granny on the sofa on the front veranda; and the sweet little moment between him and his mum at the beach waiting for Dad to bring back lollies from the shop (a reward for being so patient with the whole photo taking business!); and then some boy on boy wrestling on the back lawn with Dad once we got home. It is these “in between” moments that make a shoot I think!