Sophie is a beautiful, warm and engaging photographer who is an absolute pleasure to work with – and even more importantly – she takes amazing baby photos! She has photographed our wee man (and us) several times since he was born and every time we are delighted with the images she has captured. Her photos of our baby bring a smile to our faces every day and we will treasure them forever. Helena, Paul & Theo

 Some of my clients request a session that focuses mainly on the kids rather than on the whole family. Some family photos can be included if you like, but the focus of these sessions are capturing the spirit of the individual child or sibling relationships rather than your interactions as a family unit.

Baby photo shoots are best held when he or she is between 6-10 months of age; sitting up but not yet walking. Toddler, child or sibling photo shoots are perfect at any age. It can can be a great opportunity to incorporate a favourite activity or location to capture them as they truly are. Think about toys or activities that bring a smile to your child’s face or something that you would like to remember about this time in your lives. It might be a favourite toy truck, beloved snugly bear, a skateboard, ballet shoes, sidewalk chalk if you love to draw together, a guitar if you love to sing together.

Fun activities might be something like, a walk on the beach, washing the dog, a picnic in the backyard, painting, dump trucks on the beach, a fairy princess tea party; anything that you know will make your kids eyes light up!