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A much longed for and adored baby boy.  Welcome to the world little Finn.


Working for yourself from home has its benefits. No one cares if I slob around in pjs all day or complain about my penchant for 80’s pop rock. I call the shots on how the work is done and I love being accountable only to myself.

But with every yin there is a yang. The darker side of going solo is the isolation of working alone. I spent many years working with vibrant creative people in a busy office environment and I dearly miss the sociability of working in a team….chats with my colleagues over coffee, the silly office jokes, long friday lunches and drinks after work. Tackling the hard business problems is tough on your own. It is so much easier to make good decisions by putting a group of heads together to ruminate on the possibilities.

Heres where we thank humanity for inventing the internet. Over the years a wonderful group of diverse and passionate photographers have gathered online and collectively do a simply amazing job of filling that lonely void. No unresolved question left hanging, no internet funny left unshared. They are encouraging and supportive. Through the magic of social media, we’ve laughed and cried and challenged each other through the early years of our solo careers.

Thankfully sometimes circumstances collide and I get to become friends with some of these wonderful people “in real life”. The mum of this family¬†is valued member of this online group but has also been a beautiful IRL friend to me over the years. I was so thrilled she asked me to capture her family photos!

We managed to catch the only tiny sliver of beautiful light and warm wind in what turned out was the most dismal week of Melbourne weather. Lady luck and the weather gods were on our side for once!



We are so privileged to live where we do and even more so when we get to shoot a beautiful destination wedding such as this right in our doorstep in Kiama.

This newly married pair jetted off to Madagascar shortly after their wedding, the first of several months of time out exploring exotic destinations far and wide. I can’t think of a better way to kick off a lifetime together!