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The inevitable fact is these kids of ours, they don’t stay little forever. It has been less then two years since I last photographed this family and already their delicious little newborn baby is a beautiful walking, talking, beating the boys at their own tricks, curly blonde haired wonder of a little girl.  Why is it that other people’s children seem to grow up overnight??

It gives me a happy heart to see families come back year after year for sessions as their kids grow up. A priceless gift for these beautiful kids and their future selves!


There are people that I’ve met along my journey to becoming a successful photographer that have always been my biggest supporters. People that fed me with their faith in me, their kind words, their smiles and unconditional support when days were hard.  Without these people i’m pretty sure I’d have been propping up the statistics in the next Sydney Morning Herald article about failure rates of small business in this country.

Jo and the wonderful ladies at the Lane Cove Occasional Childcare Centre have always been those people to me.  Not only did they wrap their arms about my children and feed them with love whilst my attention was turned to my work, they have always been the first to like or comment on a new post of mine on Facebook and offer welcome words of encouragement when I’d pick the kids up after a hard day editing at the computer!

When Jo was heading off for maternity leave they all clubbed together to buy her a gift and I was so happy that they choose me to photograph her beautiful baby boy and her family!  A wonderful opportunity for me to give back a little for all the faith they’ve invested in me.  Also, to see Jo as a mummy to her own precious little baby after all the years she cared for everyone elses, now that was pretty special too : )


I’ve often wondered what it would be like to raise a small child deep in the heart of the city. My presumption was that it must be hard, all the people, all the traffic, the expensive rents. So I was pleasantly surprised to see my prejudice challenged after spending a delightful morning with this city loving family.

They invited me to share in their way of living and showed me there is much to enjoy about daily life amongst the skyscrapers. Step out of your apartment building for a morning stroll, through the historical architecture of The Rocks and within just a few minutes, the Opera house and the magical Royal Botanic Gardens are your playground. Leisurely wander in before the city gets started and the place is yours, fabulously free from the influx of city workers or curious tourists.

A quick play on the house steps, a relax under a ancient fig tree, an amble around Bennelong point, and back into the hustle and bustle to test out one the latest new coffee shops popping up in the lanes between the tall buildings (word of mouth on the street is that the coffee is amazing… they were right!). Then back home to your apartment building for a spot of morning tea and a nappy change with a view!