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Love is the bedrock in every family. Documenting that love is my passion and the work of my heart.  With some families it is easy to capture, bubbling to the surface with ease and grace. With others it is more elusive, hidden behind social walls and protected from view. Most often the families I work with need gentle reassurance mixed with a good dose of distraction to relax and let down their guards in front of my camera, to feel free to show affection and closeness with a stranger watching on. This is a skill i’m always working on and that i’m proud to bring to my work.

Every now and again however, a family comes along that are just naturally open, close, affectionate and loving and my job simply becomes one of capturing the best light, colour, angles and smiles.

These parents raised their three girls in Kiama but all now live far and wide across Australia. The three of them generously clubbed together to buy their parents some updated family photos for Christmas this year and I was able to capture them as they reunited for this special family time. It was obvious to anyone watching these guys how important “family” is to them. I fervently hope one day my grown up kids come home to visit us such joy and love in their hearts! To me, that would be a parenting job well done.



Amanda, the mum in these photos, runs a wonderful local business teaching the young people of Kiama the latest and greatest Dance Sensations! This newborn session was an incredibly generous gift from all of her students and their families and gifted just in time to capture Baby A’s very first Christmas.  This dear family seemed so happy and content with their new life as parents and their divine baby so calm. A true delight to capture in these photographs.