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Sometimes when i’m editing my client sessions I can’t help but feel a little envious of them. I WISH I had shots like this of us with my own parents and siblings when we were young. I know how loved we all were (and are)… that feeling is bedded in deep in our bones, but to have the photos like this of us all together, laughing and having fun as we did, now that would be something!


This little boy was everything TWO…full of beans, smiles curiousity and the explorer spirit. He wanted to explore the rocks, jump in puddles, drop stones and shells in the water to watch the ripples, but always with mum or dad within arms reach. He was a delight to observe and photograph with the bonus of a few moments of good conversation with his lovely parents!


I look at these photos of this gorgeous local Kiama family and I am reminded again by how fortunate we are to live in this place. To raise our kids surrounded by such natural beauty, large empty playgrounds…just add imagination and the freedom to explore at will.


A picture perfect, if a little blustery, afternoon in Gerringong. We first met under a beautiful fig tree at the Crooked River Winery, a favourite haunt for these two, and then jumped in the car on a misson to find a little sun trap away from the gale force winds on Werri Beach; which luckily we found…thank you mother nature for glorious steep wind breaking cliffs!

This beautiful couple , newly engaged after being together for years, wanted me to to document this time in their lives, to capture a genuine moment between the two of them  and their delightful Cavoodle dog. To have an image that could be their own little window back in time, always to this peaceful afternoon spent drinking red wine with their love, in the long grass, under a beautiful fig tree, on a windy sunshiny day.


One truly pleasant and unexpected benefit of this job is the opportunity it presents to catch up with old friends. Out of the blue emails from good people I haven’t seen for years (note: birthing two babies only 19 months apart lead to a terrible if utterly expected decline to my social life) asking if you’d like to photograph their new family…ummmm let me think about that… YES please! The chance to catch up on the intervening years and compare notes, I love it.

Apparently this little dude never smiles for the camera…. could have fooled me : ) Jones beach in Kiama Downs is one of my new favourite spots for family photo shoots. Always deserted, always beautiful, always so bloody windy xx