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One of the things I enjoy the most about our sea change is the late afternoon “run arounds” at the local beach. My kids have an natural abundance of physical energy that needs to be unleashed before it is time to settle down for our evening meal and get ready for bed. I’m glad they my boys are this way as it means we often end up at Jones or Boneyard Beach just when the sun is at it’s most magical time. The kids get plenty of fresh air and exercise, we all get much needed down time away from the screen domination of work computers, iphones, ipads and the TV…AND I get plenty of opportunities to photograph my kids in beautiful light; win win.

This lovely local family also has a similar routine for their free afternoons… a bike ride down to the boneyard beach with their gorgeous dog, Jimmy, and time spent exploring the rockpools, feeding the sea anemones, throwing rocks into the water and laughing at the dog running in after them! Perfect family time together. It is these kind of little family rituals that are so lovely to capture in my sessions… these photos one day will be little windows back in time to when the kids were little and this family time so precious!


There are some places in Sydney that I really miss and Neilson Park is one. It is a place I used to visit a lot with Harry as a newborn. So many memories are held here for me and the beautiful mum of this family is part of one of those stories.

I look back at those very early weeks and months of being a new mum with a kind of wonder. I knew I had to saviour each minute, as every old lady I passed on the street stopped me to tell me so, and a tried to… I really did. But at the time I just didn’t fully appreciate how unique, fleeting and uncomplicated that time with my first born child really was. I didn’t understand how radically our lives would change once that child discovered his legs and grew a curiosity that would kills a million cats. I didn’t have a clue how exhausting life would be at 8 months pregnant with #2, yet still having to impersonate Hussein Bolt at the 100m in order to save my 18 month old from permanent injury! I didn’t know I wouldn’t be able to finish a sentence uninterrupted for FIVE LONG YEARS!

Ignorant bliss is what I would call that time of my life.

Looking back, one of the most enjoyable parts of those early months was soaking up the company of other women that were just starting on this parenting trip. Fiona was one of these lovely ladies from my mother’s group and Nielsen park was just one of the venues where we met and talked…a little about the babies but also, us being women and it being in our nature, about everything else in between! We lounged around on picnic blankets, leisurely sipping our lattes. Mostly our newborn babies slept, or if not we fed and settled them, generally they’d lie in one spot, little danger to our sanity or themselves. (Lets try not the remember the incident when an 8 month Harry projectile vomited an avalanche of half-digested spag bol over Fi, Melissa, their babies and the entire cafe floor causing cleaning mayhem and floods “OMG, I’m so mortified…vomit vomit everywhere” tears from me…that was THANKFULLY an atypical mother’s group experience)

Of course at the time we are oblivious to the fact that these would be our last complete conversations for many years to come. In hindsight, I’m not sure we fully took advantage of the conversational opportunities that lay before us!

So it was especially lovely to have a chance to reunite with Fi and her beautiful family that this same spot almost five years on. Nielsen Park is also special to these guys as it was the place they were married and had their wedding photos taken… I think it is wonderful that we can continue their story with these photos of their two adorable kids! I think we even managed a few complete sentences of catch up gossip as the kids played : )

This is one of those photo shoots where all the forces of good come together at just the right moment and the result is pure magic. The beautiful light, the natural interactions between the parents and their children, the sibling relationship, the joy of time spent together captured on their faces. My ultimate goal as a family photographer is to authentically and beautifully capture these moments and with this session, I do feel that my job is done : )


The beautiful newborn baby Amelia at home with her mum and dad… how smitten by their dear daughter they were! Always so special to visit a family with a brand new baby…I don’t photograph newborns so often but I do so love it when I do xx


I’ve talked before how much I love driving to sessions… the added bonus of shooting in England was that my dear Mum let me borrow her retirement present to herself, a super fun and exceedingly cute little convertable Ka, to cruise around in.  Just imagine…the sun is shining, top down, nipping around narrow windy country lanes, tunes on full blast, wind blasting through my hair, smile on my face. Yes, i’m sure that amount of fun is illegal for a “grown up”  : )  And that is even before the session starts!

Add onto that, three delightful children bursting with vitality and beautiful personalities, a gorgeous home in West Sussex with a garden perfectly designed for children to have fun and a trip to the stables to play with the pony, and life doesn’t really get much better!  The village, the house, the local town, the people and the ponies were so familiar to my early childhood in growing up in a similar village in Oxfordshire. If my parents had hired a photographer when my siblings and I were this age, then my family and our life would have looked like this…I think that is why I love these photos so much!  The more I “grow up”  and acquire my own responsibilities of children, mortgages, bills and businesses…the more unbelievably thankful I am for the home my parents worked so hard to create for us.   These three kids don’t know how lucky they are…I sure didn’t at the time. But one day they will, and they will be grateful for it : )