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It has always surprised me how quiet the family photography business gets over the winter season. It is generally welcomed in the industry as an opportunity for worn out photographers to catch up on office paperwork, shoot personal projects, spend time with their families and take a well earn holiday.

That is all well and good but sometimes I just want to stamp my feet a little. I wish more clients wanted to schedule their shoots in the cooler weather… it is not like our antipodean winter is really that cold, snowy or even that frosty here on the coast. In fact today Kiama had a top temperature of 16 degrees with the most glorious blue sky you have ever seen. I spent the first 23 years of my life growing up in England and today would have been considered the finest of summer days…shorts and t-shirts and a picnic in the park kind of day!

But, the thing that makes me most miffed about the lack of sessions in winter is the truly magical winter light. So soft and so low…so perfect for my style of shooting. The sun sets so much earlier so you can have an afternoon session that wraps up a 4.30pm and get the most amazing light. In the summer you have to wait until past 7 o’clock for this perfect light so with my younger clients it is usually not possible!

Still need convincing… here are a bunch more reasons:

  • cosy and warm wooly jumpers with lots of wonderful texture
  • colourful scarves
  • cute knitted beanies
  • pink cheeks
  • warm hugs
  • brilliant blue skies
  • deserted beaches
  • but forget all that, did I mention the magical winter light??

So just to encourage you all from your warm little nests, here is an offer too good to refuse: 50% off your session fee...only $90 till the end of August 2012! (for sessions in the local Kiama area (from Wollongong to Nowra, South Coast NSW)


LOVE LOVE LOVE this shoot. The energy of the kids, the relaxed nature of the parents, beautiful soft late afternoon light on Maroubra Beach and WHAM…i’m in photo shoot heaven : )