The greatest stroke of luck in my life to date was being born into my family. To have two loving parents who believed, and told me often, that I was capable of anything and everything I set my mind to. Parents that didn’t ever let up about the value of education and that set expectations of me to achieve to my full potential. I was born into a privileged society with free access to educationan and one that values the contribution of educated women.

I know just how lucky I am. My travels around the world have slapped me across the face with that truth often enough.  So often the desire to want to “change things” welled up inside me but too often I was left paralysed into inaction with a feeling of…but really, what can I actually do??

A few days ago I was stumbling around on Facebook and came across a newsletter posted by a friend of ours. The newsletter was an update on an organisation called A Girl and Her World. This is what they write in their “about us” page:

“Girls….girls become women. They become mothers and grandmothers…they are leaders, teachers, mentors, gatherers… bringers of life, love and nurture. ”

‘A Girl and her world’ believes that no matter where she lives or which family she was born into, a girl was created for this process, built for it in all its beauty, strength, wonder and value.

Many, many, many girls around the world live with their wings clipped though they were meant to fly. They don’t go to school, they are married young, they are scarred as child-mothers giving birth. They are hungry and witness violence. They are limited by circumstances…they don’t dare to dream. Our world is robbed of the gift they were meant to be…their uniqueness is never unwrapped or seen.

We are about A Girl and her World. Her education, her family’s income, her health and wellbeing. We are about seeing her laugh and dream…succeed…have choices. Be who she wants to be…who she was meant to be.

There are girls in the Pacific islands who we are walking alongside. We help to mend their wings…they do the flying.

We support their education – small businesses for their families – their Health and Wellbeing…partner with us as we partner with them.

Only $300 will enable a girl to attend high school for a year. These figures made my jaw drop. Instead of wishing I could do something, here is THE opportunity to actually contribute to an organisation that gives these girls in the Pacific a REAL chance at getting an education…something that I took for granted in my life.

From now on $25 every single Kisschasey session fee will be donated to A GIRL AND HER WORLD. 12 portrait sessions and that is one girl that goes to high school for a year. $150 from each wedding we book will be donated. 2 weddings and that is another girl that goes to high school for a year. The number stack up pretty quickly guys : )  I get goose pimples thinking about it!

To launch the initiative I have an awesome March special. Session fees will be only $100 (usually $175) and ALL of that, yes 100% will be donated to A GIRL AND HER WORLD. Only three sessions are needed to send a Pacific Islander girl to high school for a whole year… here is your chance to get some authentic & beautiful photos of your own family and gift the opportunity of an education to a girl many miles away.

[Please note: these sessions must take place within 40 mins drive of Kiama – anywhere between Wollongong to Nowra… OR if there is enough Sydney demand (4 or more sessions) then i’ll make a special trip]

And because we can’t have a blog post without an image, here are a couple of shots from a family holiday to Fiji when our oldest was still a baby in my arms!

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