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Have you ever seen Balmoral Beach deserted on a Saturday morning? Nope… me neither!

Bless the clouds that keep the crowds away on this lovely morning at the beach : ) Valeriya and Kevin – it was a delight to meet you and capture this time for you both.  Just a few photos to keep you going and i’ll be in touch soon with your online gallery


Two gorgeous and so very relaxed parents to be. I’m so looking forward to photographing this little bundle on the outside in just a few short weeks time.

I recently found out that Figtree, a suburb local to me in Wollongong, got its name from the Aboriginal people that used a Moreton Bay Fig as a sacred site for birthing their babies. I can just imagine how the large buttresses forming out of these magnificent trees could afford a women in labour much needed privacy and protection from the environment in their time of need.

My client nestled beautifully at the bottom of this fabulous tree in Blackwattle Bay. They are by far my favourite images from the session : )


One of the wonderful unexpected joys of moving to Kiama, with its many beautiful beaches and fresh country air, is that our friends love to visit. Rarely a weekend goes by without one of our old Sydney friends copping a squat in our guest room.  I think we’ve spent more quality time with the people we love over the last 6 months then since Harry was born 4 years ago!

Another wonderful surprise is that now my Sydney clients are choosing to come to me. Why not escape the hustle and bustle of the city for the weekend, spend some quality time with the kids and get your family photos done when happy and relaxed, away from the stresses of the daily grind?

This gorgeous family from Chatswood, came down for a weekend getaway to Gerroa. We met up early on Sunday morning on an unusually brisk but beautifully sunny morning, I think winter decided to have it’s final last stand. Their boys were bursting with exuberant energy and I was delighted to be able to capture them just being boys… kicking the soccer ball around with Dad, climbing trees, jumping in the sand dunes, doing cartwheels and everyone just enjoying time with each other!

Tash… so pleased to meet you guys! I’ll be in touch very soon with your full gallery xx