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Gorgeous daughter number two enjoying a quite moment on Papa Bear’s chair! I photographed her sister, as a newborn, only 15 short months ago so this house is brimming with baby girl energy : )  Mamma and Pappa are doing exceptionally well at parenting them both too, I have to say!


We tacked on a little mini-shoot on the back of their family session as Ann was hoping to shoot an image for her website. A talented and thoughtful photographer, Ann has recently launched a beautiful new website to showcase her work! Ann, you look so beautiful, strong, brave, and confident in these images. I have no doubt the families of the blue mountains will be knocking down your door to hire you : )


This is the fourth time i’ve had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous family. What seems like a lifetime ago I photographed Ann blossoming belly when pregnant, then a family shoot when baby Saskia was only a wee little 6 month old, then their gorgeous amazing wonderful wedding and then now…as the both the kids are on the cusp of growing into new and exciting phases of their childhood!

The plan is to create a storybook of all the shoots combined and I can’t wait to weave them together to capture their story.  Three years full to the brim with life : )    Stay tuned for the end result!!


This shoot was my very first ever visit to Wollongong and what a pleasant surprise it was!

Not only was it a fabulous crisp winter morning with amazing blue skies BUT the Wollongong Harbour Foreshore park is such an awesome place to hang with young kids. It had everything within easy walking distance, kid friendly beach, rockpools, lighthouse, jetty, boats, green hills, escarpment views, playground, good coffee.  I’m really looking forward to taking my boys there for a relaxing family day very soon (as soon as this rain packs in!)  Thanks Nat for introducing me to the area!

This dear family had a lovely morning together and it was a joy for more to capture their enjoyment and togetherness. This session is so much of what I strive for in my work…a celebration of love and family. It’s a chance to forget the stresses of daily life and revel in the pleasure of simply being with those dearest to you.


Part three of my Kisschasey Giveway sessions…(view part one and part two!)

When I was a kid, we spent many holidays in the hills of Wales, hiking up the green hills and messing around in the creeks (or “streams” as we knew them with our English vocab). I used to spend hours hunting for the perfect rock that would make the best SPLUNK noise when chucked into the water! Therefore I felt very much at home with this gorgeous family, exploring the creek behind their house, chucking stones into the river, clambering over the slippery rocks, and getting a wet bum when accidentally losing my foothold : )

How adorable is this little family unit… have been smiling all day editing these!


Part two of my Kisschasey Giveway sessions…(view part one!)

The weather for this session was pretty typical to what we’ve been experiencing the last few weeks… overcast, threatening drizzle, windy with a nip to the air.  But… how do you appreciate the sunshine without first experiencing the clouds?

The thing I love about this session is that these photos show a side to parenting that is not often revealed at my sessions.  The other side of the parenting coin when a child in not in the mood for happy smiles, silly faces, fart jokes, running wild, young and free.  They show the tenderness and love of two parents just adoring their baby girl as she is in that moment. These images are as precious (if not more) then the smily ones… they capture what so much of parenting really is! …. AND, how cute are the images with their gorgeous golden retriever, such a good sport with the hat business and by far the most talented at getting a smile from dear M!

I also love this session because these are the views I see every morning as I go for my power walk around the block… in such a short time this place, Minnamurra, has carved a deep place in my heart! The light, colours and atmosphere of the place changes hourly and so is different every time I walk the headland. Looking forward to many more sessions here to come!