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Katy and I have been hanging out a lot over the last 6 months or so. My boys and her boys are similar ages so at least one morning a week we congregate at a local park to run some of their boundless energy out.   The connection between the two of us was instantaneous and I can say it has been a special joy to spend this time with Katy and her kids. She is seriously the easiest person to talk to and we’ve shared so many of our ups and downs of the last year together.

We are both moving in different directions over the next few months but I just know we will keep in touch. Friends like these don’t come along every day now do they?  We’ll miss you guys but already looking forward to the next time our destinies collide : )


At the moment i’m wavering between “the fist pump” of joy at the achievement of getting to this point in one piece; and breaking down in sobbing tears that my last baby is really really no longer a baby anymore.

Finn is such a beautiful cheeky character and he fills my days with equal measures of laughter and ‘steaming from the ears’ frustration at his TWO’ness.

I truly love him with my whole heart. It is wonderful to stop for a few minutes each day and appreciate how blessed we are to have this happy healthy kid as part of our lives. A good time to do this might be when I walk into the family room and find his latest artwork all over the walls; or his breakfast catapulted over his disgruntled brother; or the time he (helped by his cheeky brother) launched himself out of their bedroom window and the first I know about it is a little knock at the front door (thankfully we live in single storey house). This practice of gratitude just about stops me from totally losing the plot!


FOUR beautiful gorgeous girls : )  So delighted with this session!  These girls are cousins and obviously adore each other to bits. It was so beautiful to watch them laugh and play together, and a privilege to be allowed to record this time in their lives for them to share for many years to come.

Louise, please enjoy your sneak peek at your session…I’ll be in touch very soon with your full gallery!



We were so fortunate to have chance to spend a leisurely Christmas holiday with my parents-in-law at the most divine farmhouse just outside of Berry. There was a creek running past the house, chickens running amok laying the most beautiful fresh eggs and the hugest, best maintained vegetable garden I’ve ever clapped eyes on; with fresh strawberries, raspberries, bountiful rocket and more tomatoes then you could eat in a month!

The kids, as I’m sure you can imagine, were in heaven.  Loving adults all around giving them lots of nourishing attention, chickens  to feed, eggs to harvest and strawberries to snack on!