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My dear boy got my genes and has been blessed with a beautiful pair of red “super sight” glasses!

I took these snaps just before he battled me to the ground with his sword and then rescued me right back :)

I adore this kid.


This family and I spent a beautiful Saturday morning exploring the Newington Armory for all sorts of cool photo spots. It was baking hot, sunny and deep blue skies!  I’m very thankful we organised the shoot for the morning as mid afternoon the most awesome thunderstorm drenched Sydney!

Little baby O is such a delightful little character. Full of energy and independence, giving us all plenty of exercise with chasing her around!  So many beautiful expressions too.

This is just the tip of the iceberg D & J… Will be in touch soon with the full slideshow!



A lovely early morning photo shoot in the glorious  sunshine before heading off to work. Not a bad way to start the week : )

We had to reschedule this shoot due to some pesky rain…lots of pesky rain…over many many days. The bane of an outdoor photographer’s existence!

The eyes on these boys – simply mesmerising.  Just a quick sneak peek for you guys, C & R. Will be in touch soon with the full slideshow!